Light Language Sound Healing

A Light Language Transmission from Mother Earth

(channeled through Catherine Wyatt)

‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was’…a sound.

Ancient cultures, and now modern science, acknowledge that Creation (the Universe) arose from sound/vibration which gave rise to light, and light then became matter.  Everything vibrates...everything has it's own frequency and resonance.  Since time immemorial cultures have used sound to heal the body, mind, and spirit.  

Sound has tremendous power. The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body’s structure. Specific tones correspond to specific areas of the body. In fact, sounds can affect all the various senses and organs of the body and can stimulate the deterioration or regeneration of these systems. Sounds that are harmonious can activate the body and create healing.


Sounds sung or words spoken by a person, have the strongest impact upon the individual’s chemical changes. The subtle and powerful vibrations produced by the human voice purify and balance energies within the body to help promote total well-being.  

Light Language is a divine, multidimensional communication imbued with multifaceted vibrational healing frequencies.  During a Light Language transmission, Catherine connects directly to your Higher Self to create a unique Light Language activation for you, bringing your body, mind, and spirit into harmony and resonance with the Universe.

The message you receive cannot be understood by the mind as Light Language facilitates connection to your soul through a direct connection to your heart.  Light Language is not rooted in the 3rd dimension and does not have a word-for-word translation.  Instead, it is "shamanic" in sound, resembling a very old and ancient language.  

The vibrational sounds of the Light Language transmission have the strongest impact upon the chemical changes of your physical body. Light Language awakens your DNA, as DNA is the vehicle of Light which carries information, initiating you into your original divine blueprint. Light Language subtly changes your DNA bit by bit, as appropriate for your Soul's evolution. To get the most from your transmission, it is recommended that you listen to it frequently. Each time you listen, more will be unlocked within you.

Benefits of a Light Language Sound Healing include:

  • Energy balancing and repair

  • DNA activation and repair

  • Clearer connection to your Higher Self

  • Realization of your soul purpose

  • Clearing of unconscious blocks

  • Raised level of consciousness

  • Assistance with spiritual awakening

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Relaxation and rejuvenation





“With the acquisition of new codes coming through in the Language of Light, the waters of your being are becoming imprinted with hyper-dimensional blueprints that will awaken and restructure the scattered light filaments lying dormant within you. This is a higher form of order and design than the hexagonal water crystals that you see…it is the sacred geometry of your evolution into light beings.  It is important to understand how the cosmometry of light flowing into your beings at this time in your personal and planetary evolution carries an inscription of the higher vibration that is translated into geometric codes and transmitted through the cells of your being – into the DNA – via your cellular bio-water.”
        ~The Starseed Dialogues, Patricia Cori



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