• Catherine Wyatt

A Lesson in Vanity

Updated: Nov 19, 2017

Something happens to a woman after she turns 40. All of a sudden, her body begins changing in ways she hadn't expected and at a pace that she can barely keep up with. Honestly, I started noticing small changes by my late 30's...you know, a few extra pounds here and there, graying of my hair, wrinkles around the eyes. But seemingly overnight I noticed those few pounds turned into 15, the gray hair was quickly invading my natural golden browns, and smiling in photos became a thing of the past as that just shined a huge light on my crows feet!

All of these changes were completely fine, totally manageable. That is, until my hormonal changes kicked in and I began experiencing a lot of hair falling out, causing my thick, albeit fine hair to dwindle down to what seemed like half of its thickness. I thought, "What the hell is going on with me?" I began seeing a Function Medicine doctor (an M.D. who treats the entire body, mind, and spirit holistically). After quite a few tests, we found that my adrenals were shot causing my body to begin relying on my thyroid for stress control (hence the extra weight, exhaustion, and hair loss). Sadly, adrenal fatigue is a common issue for millions.

The adrenal glands secrete about 10 hormones, including epinephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Since they produce so many essential hormones, the adrenal glands are responsible for many of the functions we need to stay alive and healthy. Just having one of these hormones out of balance throws off the whole system. Go for years without addressing the issue compounds the situation into a dangerous concoction of hormone hell. This is a classic example of how external symptoms are only a reflection of what's happening inside.

Mid-year I decided to have my own Quantum Healing session to uncover some answers about this health crises I was in. Bottom line, I had been spending too much time taking care of everyone and everything else besides myself. Sound familiar?

Fast forward one year after going down this rabbit hole...I am definitely on the path to wellness again, and spend a lot more time seeking rest when I feel tired, relaxing and having fun with others instead of "tending" to them. Just this slight shift in routines and attitude has made a huge difference. That said, I did take quite a few natural remedies to get my hormones back into balance, and unfortunately, the biological system of the body requires a little management sometimes. But without Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I would not have had REAL, effective change as I would have just been treating the symptoms and not the cause.

I wonder how many women out there, "fighting" aging are really just experiencing hormonal imbalance due to years of having to multitask their life and family? If my story resonates with you, I encourage you to seek out your own cause.



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