• Catherine Wyatt

Leaning Into Life

In a recent QHHT session that I had for myself, one of the main messages that "they" had for me was "just live...just BE human; enjoy the path you're on and get out there and experience life." For those of you who know me, you know that I can be somewhat of a serious sort, introverted and well, more of a life planner. And, while there is certainly nothing inherently wrong with this INTJ personality type, it can certainly lead one to being more of an observer rather than experiencer. The key word "they" used to convey this message to me was "relax"...over and over "they" said this word "relax".

To reiterate this message of just relaxing into life, I recently experienced an issue with my health, one that could have went downhill fast. Now, being a QHHT practitioner and understanding that my thoughts/beliefs had created this situation, I began exploring my inner world to try and decipher where this had originated. To use a metaphor here, when you are in the middle of your inner forest, it can be damn difficult to see the trees. So in essence, I essentially wound up not knowing where to go next, as there was no clear direction from my isolated little forest. Between the first doctor visit and the diagnostic testing that cleared me from the "Big C" was only the span of two weeks, but in those few days, I was reminded once again that I just needed to relax and everything would be fine. And so, I just trusted that message and let go.

Now, an amazing thing happens when you let go of all your planning, expectations, and daily to-do lists. You enter into this state of flux where anything is possible and, while it initially it felt quite scary and uncomfortable to me to not know, to not have a plan, to not have a direction, once I just completely let go of the outcome, I was FREE! And wow, the beauty of that freedom was overwhelming! Instead of being in a state of fear of an outcome, I thought, "it doesn't really matter what the outcome is because I know that I can choose whether or not to heal myself". And it really is as simple as that.

As humans, we learn very early on that we must control ourselves, our environment, our circumstances, but being that demanding on how life unfolds for us leads to suffering. What if we're meant to just come here and let shit unfold before us without judging whether or not it's good or bad? I believe that our circumstances in life are a direct reflection of our past thoughts/beliefs about life. And in every single moment, I, as a SOVEREIGN BEING, can change that. It can be no other way. So, my message to you as you read this is, "Let go. Relax. Lean INTO life. And then, just enjoy the show!"


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