• Catherine Wyatt

Seeds of Source - A Story of Our ET Origins

Updated: Nov 19, 2017

My own story is one of ET origin. Through a series of 5 QHHT® sessions over the past 7 years (as well as receiving a multitude of information through my direct connection to my Higher Self), I have learned that this is my first incarnation as human. But that is only the beginning of my story.

I come from one of the races that create life throughout the Universe. Our race was created directly from Source Seeds, grown in pods overseen by the Ancient Ones, the Central Race which was the First Emanation of Source. 

My Soul Group came with specific instructions to genetically modify the existing hominids and combine their DNA with what my Higher Self calls "Seeds of Source", which are DNA-filled "seeds" of pure Light. These seeds are what we humans would call the Soul or Spirit.

This did require a birthing process and our race came prepared with Beings willing to birth the new created humans. Of the many who volunteered, 14 females were chosen, based on the compatibility of genetic material to carry the fertilized egg of 7 males and 7 females (this is the origin of the 7 root races). Biblical Adam & Eve were only one set of the new hybrid humans born.

Our race remained for several thousands of years to assist with the new species, as we do each time we seed life on a new planet. Since Earth was a genetic experiment of splicing DNA from the existing hominid species with that of the Source Seeds we carried, mixed with our own DNA in the birthing process, we were tasked with teaching them all the basics of life in order to thrive and continue evolving. We were spread all over the globe with each new created couple, teaching and monitoring their growth. We created the ancient megalithic structures as energy hubs, educational facilities, and healing centers. These were not built by human hands…only maintained by humans after we departed from the Earth. These pyramidal structures and centers were our gift to humanity, but those left in charge of governing tried to utilize them to gain power over the people…and well…that is a story left for another day.

During each major ending of a cycle, a call goes out to the Universe for volunteers to come and help anchor the new, higher energies that the planet is about to undergo. It has been stated by others that this has never happened before, but that is untrue. It has happened countless times over eons as planetary shifting takes place. It just hasn’t happened here on Earth in a very long time. The last time a big shift occurred here was during the age of the dinosaurs. The volunteers who come are from all over the Universe and planet will begin to see a huge rise in population.

Those beings termed as “Annunaki” span several races of ET beings, my own included. It is not just one race. Those who remained here on Earth as ‘lords’ to ensure ease of transition eventually began to argue as to how the Earth should be run. This led to the “heavenly wars” spoken of today. That time is now ending as so many have now incarnated to assist from the inside.

Earth is evolving, and so is human consciousness. While many may only see destruction in the world, remember that nothing new can be built upon and existing structure. The old must be torn down and this requires demolition. To put it another way, you cannot fill a cup that is already full.

These are exciting times to be here. Every single Soul here on Earth now is assisting in the grand plan of the Universe. I am honored to be here assisting from the perspective of a being I helped to create. It is a unique perspective to have when you know Who you really are. 



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