• Catherine Wyatt

The art of Surrender

As I turn 43 today (...whew!), I woke this morning with a sense of surrender; and while that may sound a bit kitchy, what I mean is that it's a bit more resembling this sweet cartoon of Snoopy, finally giving in to his enemy, the Red Baron than some beautiful, blissful, "ahhhh" moment.

I was reminded recently while listening to a Slade Roberson podcast interview with Heather Alice Shea (you can listen to it here) that the art of surrender involves asking yourself where you are being resistant in your daily life, what areas do you feel the need to control and have expectations around, and then get upset when those expectations aren't met. These areas of resistance are the very "things" that can cause suffering in our lives. To got further, these areas can cause energetic blocks within our physical bodies, and eventually into dis-ease or illness, as well as mental conditioning (aka belief systems) that we may not necessarily desire to have. Let me give you an example...

Going back to my initial comment of waking today feeling a sense of surrender, allow me to elaborate. When I first noticed I had gray hair and more wrinkles several years ago, I did what most women in my mid-30's would do...panic!!! I clearly recall yelling to my husband to come and check out my turkey neck one day when I was leaning over a mirror to catch the light. He came running into the room thinking that some emergency was happening, only to roll his eyes at my "discovery".

But as I lay in bed this morning, before opening my eyes to the daylight, and thinking about turning another year older, this thought entered my mind. An odd thing to think right as I woke, granted. But, my Higher Self was just reminding me of where I've had resistance and a need for control. SHE wanted me to surrender. After all, we cannot outrun time. Or can we? Well, this is a topic for another day. For now, let's return to surrender.

In our modern society, surrender is commonly seen as a weakness to overcome. Wikipedia states that we have been involved in 115 conflicts in the United States since our founding after the American Revolution. While these conflicts range from uprisings and rebellions to all-out war, we have been conditioned to resist from day 1. And when you look at human history from a macro perspective, we haven't been a race of peaceful beings since the days of Eden. Armed with this knowledge (pun intended), how can we become a peaceful society once again? It begins with surrender. Laying down arms, and allowing whatever will happen to happen. Of course, this statement will undoubtedly elicit a roar from the peanut gallery about defense of our homes, towns, cities, nations, and on and on. But I am really talking about the micro here...the individual level of surrender. For me, today, it is surrendering to the knowledge that I am another year older, grayer, fatter, wrinkly-er...and that is totally OK!!! Really, who cares except me anyway? Why not OWN my wrinkles and gray hair? I got them from laughing, crying, worrying. I got my extra pounds from eating amazing foods that made my tastebuds orgasm! Today, I am surrendering to these "facts" and allowing whatever to be, to be. It's part of my human experience. I don't want to get to my last day on Earth and say, I starved myself or did without to have a smoking hot body, or that I did without/denied myself in order to conform to some unattainable societal ideal. Truly, this is the ultimate "sin".

In a world that is constantly touting how unique we each are, we have really allowed ourselves to be conformists...sheep. It is rare to have a conversation with another human being and discuss original ideas, but instead talk about others. Deep, transformative conversations tend to only happen with like-minded people in the appropriate environment, while everyday life is spent talking about nothing anyone would write a book about. And while these seemingly meaningless conversations happen 99% of our day, it is part of our human experience.

My challenge to you today is to find one thing you are truly passionate about, that one thing you just have to control in your life, and let go. Just let go of the HOW and allow the Universe to take over. It knows the depths of your desire. When you let go and surrender, your Higher Self and the Universe may just surprise you!


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